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The C-Max is Affordable!

The U.S. Federal tax credit for this plug-in vehicle can be as much as $3,750! That's right, the U.S. Government will thank you for purchasing this Ford C-Max Energi  plug-in hybrid that will only cost you about $29,9995 with the credit! This Ford will have a 20 mile all electric range and 95 miles per gallon equivalent! It is going to America's most affordable plug-in hybrid!
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The Special Edition Red Tail Mustang

To help celebrate the Red Tails and the black Tuskegee Airman, Ford designers and engineers have worked together to create this! This Red Tail Mustang VIN 00051 will be auctioned off during the Gathering of Eagles to support a program called the Young Eagles. The Young Eagles organization gives youth a chance to experience general aviation flying.

The Red Tail Mustang started as a Mustang GT. This Mustang GT has a glass roof, a non-production aluminum-look paint finish with a red tail. Red and yellow trim is also added as well as a Boss grille, rear spoiler, Roush rockers, a…
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The Science Behind Ping Pong Balls!

No one would ever guess that Ford engineers spend a lot of their time filling new models with ping pong balls, but its true! A ping pong ball has a volume of about 2 cubic inches. By filling the 2013 Ford Escape with nearly 60,000 of them they were able to determine how much space is available! They also used this little trick to measure the interior capacity of competitor vehicles. Ford engineers explained…
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The 95 MPGe Ford C-Max!

The C-Max Energi Plug-In-Hybrid might be the best choice for fuel efficiency. Today Ford said that the new model will nearly double the electric-only range of the Prius. The C-Max is expected to get 95 MPGe and 550 miles on a full tnk of gas and electricity. The C-Max Energi Plug-In-Hybrid will be available this fall for $25,995!

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How to Prevent Getting Cancer From Your Car

Its that time of year again, the time to roll down your windows and enjoy a nice road trip with the wind whipping through your hair. But you might want to think twice about lowering your windows after reading about the potential danger streaming into your vehicle. 

It might seem crazy but the sun if one of your biggest enemies when you are riding around with the windows down. A new study has shown that?
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The Spare Tire Will Soon Be History!

Many people might be surprised and a little confused when they find out that more and more automakers have been quietly eliminating the spare tire. This heavy piece of equipments has slowly been disappearing from the car trunks of many different brands and for good reasons.

The elimination of the spare tire helps lighten the load that cars carry, resulting in better fuel efficiency. In addition to saving fuel, automakers also get rid of the?
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